Yolando Mitchell Brown

Getting to know Every Way Woman…

With the perfect blend of both entertaining and informative, Executive Producer Yolando Mitchell Brown co-created Every Way Woman; a talk show that’s fun and approachable – girlfriends intimately sharing their questions and insights, and consulting guest experts when necessary.  Every Way Woman provides a forum focused on uplifting, celebrating and supporting the people who are making a difference in our communities. The show provides a platform for people to

discuss the issues that matter in their lives.  Every Way Woman explores the intensely political and the intimately personal, especially when they intersect.

We’ll take a look at the human side of women’s issues, politics, pop culture, and sports. Every Way Woman provides women—and men—a place to come together

to listen and to be heard, to talk about their hopes and concerns, to discuss not only the important events that affect them, but to promote their own ideas and entrepreneurial dreams. In each case, Every Way Woman looks at the issues behind the issues, providing context, knowledge, laughter and the hard truths people need every day, with perspectives from every way.

Why was the show created?

Two women searching for a format that discussed issues that impacted their daily lives created Every Way Woman talk show. Madison and Yolando wanted women that look like them and understood what it was like to make sacrifices for their families. Women who were juggling school, careers, and family and finding a little “me” time for themselves. The information needed to be in one spot. The issues had to be real and the co-hosts had to be different from the hosts already on television.