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Author: Paula

Out of Hand

More individuals are using their media devices more than ever before as constant advancement technology has seen improvements in many fields. With more and more people resorting to their media devices for things there have been some seem to believe that their fingers and hands are starting to suffer from being so reliable on these media device, while there are many others who enjoy what technology has to offer. Read...

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Why Most Record Deals Suck

Record deals may seem like the ultimate achievement for a recording music artist but record deals isn’t always what they seem. There are various different contract stipulations and rules that tend to make the lucrative recording contract not worth it in the long run.   Read...

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A Short Guide To Starting if You’re Struggling

Everyone has found themselves in a slump at some point in their lives whether it involves procrastinating with schoolwork or not being motivated for the gym. It’s hard to get out of the slump once you start to get lazy and there are several tips to get you motivated and back on your grind. Read...

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