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Author: Paula

From Cuba with Heat

The journey of Marlins rookie pitcher from being a Cuban defector to an all star MLB pitcher. The repeated attempts of a young boy attempting to defect from his home country in order to pursuit a career as a professional baseball player and touch the hearts of many MLB fans. READ...

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Government Lawyers Don’t Understand the Internet

Privacy and the Internet are two of the most important things for an average individual in this day and age. There are a ton of lawyers who don’t know the separation between the two and how one can be able to successfully be able to build a case from using the internet. When it comes to technology being able to provide justice is something that is constantly becoming more out of reach. READ...

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Think Better on Your Feet

Our working memory plays a vital role in each of our daily lives. We use it for focus and attention and it allows us to store vital information that we can use for future tasks. The ability to stay focused allows us to be more productive – which research has proven causes us to be happier. Training your working memory is an important part of brain health regardless of age – but especially as you grow older. Read...

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