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Author: Paula

Man or Woman – Toned and Defined Arms are Sexy

 Man or woman – everyone can benefit from muscle training. The idea that a woman will become “bulky” from weight training is borderline absurd. It takes months, years even, to grow muscle to the point that one could consider themselves bulky. Besides, muscle burns more calories and thus fat, but pushing more weight, adding reps – sometimes that’s not enough. Up the intensity to confuse the muscles and spark growth. Read...

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Stress Can Reek Havoc on Every Facet of Your Life

Stress is one of the leading killers of motivation. Disciplining yourself to get up to perform the desired exercise, even when the stress of modern life weighs upon you, can be like lifting a hammer out of dry cement. Many people think the hardest part about exercising under duress is getting up and actually going out and performing what needs to be done – which is ironic because working out is a tremendous way to relieve yourself of that over-bearing feeling. Read...

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She Versus He

Meeting someone is only half the battle. How you act once you’ve met them can be much more stressful as you try to traverse the anxiousness of a new relationship. Read...

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