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Category: Getting Fit

How Exercise Makes Your Job Less Stressful

How Exercise Makes Your Job Less Stressful The best way to prevent the bad health consequences of work stress is exercise. Stress can be detrimental to your health, contributing to everything from higher blood pressure to nausea. Now, a new study zeroes in one of the the biggest sources of stress—our jobs—and suggests that exercise may be an effective way to ease the health problems sometimes caused by work stress….Read...

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Every Body Goes Haywire

The causes of a common headache can arise from any things such as stress, health, hunger or even fatigue. A persons health can be proven from many factors whether its hereditary or its lifestyle choices. Read...

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Fat Shaming Yourself is Bad for Your Psyche

Your inner dialogue is the harshest criticism you will ever face. Whether it be your weight, your looks, your hair – all of thee above and everything else. Focus on treating yourself better and challenge your own preconceived notions of the “ideal” body. Read...

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Who is that in the Mirror?

Everyone goes through a stage where they don’t recognize themselves in the mirror. Getting your sweat is an easy fix to this – even if the actual working out isn’t as easy. Read...

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